Tap Into Your Wisdom Ways of Knowing:

Free Yourself from the Hamster Cage of Your Critical Clipboard Mind

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Who's Holding the "Critical" Clipboard

Recognize the key dominant wounded inner figure who uses criticism as a strategy to keep you "safe" and trapped in the hamster cage of self-diminishment.


The Roots of Your Critical Clipboard Mind

Your strategic mind is a primitive binary-focused part of you that is tense, reactive and constantly on "high alert" trying to manage and control your life situations.


Your Four Key Wisdom Ways of Knowing

You are so much more than you "think" you are. Tap into the unique wisdom of your body truths, sensitive heart, expansive imagination and insightful deep thinking.


The Essential Mindset Shift Technique to Free Yourself from the Hamster Cage

Learn a simple and quick remedy to shift from a limiting to an expanded visionary mindset.

Isn't it time to break free from a habitual mindset that holds you hostage?


You are a multi-dimensional being with innate wholeness and many levels of awareness that you can cultivate.

The territory of your wounded habitual mindset is your polarizing strategic mind that views life from a binary perspective. You need a simple but potent mindset shift technique to access a larger view and go underneath your strategic mind!

This Webinar is a MUST ATTEND if...  

  • You're done wasting your time fighting with the limiting mindset of your critical Clipboard Mind.
  • You're ready to get out of the hamster cage of your head and switch your awareness to a bigger perspective.
  • You want to tap into your deeper wisdom ways of knowing with a simple and quick mindset shift technique.

A Personal Invitation from Sheila...

For over 38 years, I've supported thousands of grateful students and clients to break the spells of their "toxic smallness" mindsets to unleash their true potential. 

I've discovered the quick but potent mindset shift practice that opens the door of the hamster cage of your critical mind and sets you free.

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