Navigating Your Edges of Change:

Tap into Wisdom Beyond Your Ordinary Mind

In This Free One Hour Webinar



About the Landscape of Your Edges of Change

Recognize the signs that your old life is over and you are being called into a not-yet known new life


Why Your Ordinary Mind Cannot Guide You in Extraordinary Times

Your ordinary mind is rooted in consensus reality which cannot effectively guide you when you're at the Edge


The Necessity for Extraordinary Ways of Knowing

You are so much more than you "think" you are. Tap into the unique wisdom of your dreaming and visioning abilities


The Essential Process Work Technique to Go Beyond Your Ordinary Mind

Learn a simple and quick technique to shift from a limiting to an expanded visionary mindset

Isn't it time to go beyond your ordinary mind and access your extraordinary ways of knowing?


You are a multi-dimensional being with innate wholeness and many levels of awareness that you can cultivate.

The territory of your ordinary mind is rooted in consensus reality, which holds a necessary yet limited perspective. You need a potent mindset shift technique from Process Work to access a larger view and go underneath your ordinary mind!

This Webinar is a MUST ATTEND if...  

  • You're at an Edge of Change where your identities are over and you're being called to live more fully your visionary nature.
  • You're ready to move beyond your ordinary mind to access a bigger visionary perspective to guide you.
  • You want to tap into your deeper wisdom with a simple and quick mindset shift technique.

A Personal Invitation from Sheila...

For over 38 years, I've supported thousands of grateful students and clients to break the spells of their limited mindsets to unleash their true potential. 

Learn a simple but potent mindset shift Process Work technique that opens the door to your extraordinary mind.

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