Extraordinary Leadership Mindset Series

for Sensitive, Visionary Female Leaders


with Sheila Bélanger, Strategic Transformation Coach 


“Lead from the power of your inner knowing!”


As a sensitive female-identified leader, you can get caught in a limiting mindset that defines your intuitive sensitivity as a problem, not a resource. Access your expanded leadership mindset to help you navigate these extraordinary times. 


Join me in any of these 2-hour sessions to help you tap into the deeper intuitive wisdom underneath your ordinary everyday mind.


Based on the Transformation Journey Roadmap.

Here's what you'll explore in each session:

Mini-lecture on key mindset shift practices or tools for sensitive leaders

Simple guided experiential mindset-shift practices that tap into your intuitive wisdom

Small group breakout rooms to connect with other sensitive leaders

Q&A to address practical applications of the mindset shift practices


Can’t make the live sessions? All registrants get the link to the replay. 

Reparation rates available for the BIPOC community. Contact Sheila below for more details.

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Tap Into Extraordinary Ways of Knowing

Saturday, October 16

8 am - 10 am Pacific



You are a multi-dimensional being with innate wisdom and many levels of awareness that you can cultivate. The territory of your ordinary mind is rooted in consensus reality, which holds a necessary, yet limited perspective.

In this session, you’ll explore potent mindset shift techniques from Process Work to access a larger view and tap into your extraordinary leadership mind.



Align with Your True North

Saturday, October 30

8 am - 10 am Pacific



You carry innate wholeness and are so much greater than your wounded inner figures' limited versions of you. You can connect with the True North of your mature, generative Inner Leader to access your innate wholeness.

In this session, you’ll explore your Inner Leader through several guided imagery practices.



Each session includes transformational practices from the Transformation Journey Roadmap, Sheila's signature online course to learn how to go from overwhelmed empathetic sponge to empowered visionary change agent. 


The Transformation Journey Roadmap online course is designed for those ready to commit to effective inner work practices of:


• Self-healing

• Cultivation of your innate wholeness

• Apprenticing to your visionary and intuitive nature


A 7-week Roadmap Group Coaching Series starts on November 1st (meets on Mondays @ 8 am Pacific). Click button below for more information.


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Meet Sheila Bélanger

Strategic Transformation Coach | ACC

I help visionary female-identified leaders to shift limiting mindsets and effectively navigate their transformative edges of change.


Sheila is deeply committed to supporting all "leaders" working at the front-lines of systemic organizational change, ecological sanity and cultural evolution to get undomesticated from harmful personal and collective colonial mindsets.

She has a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive training with:

* Process-Oriented Coaching
* Soulcraft™ Soul Initiation Guiding
* Meditation
* Guided and Deep Imagery

As a certified coach and trained soul initiation guide, Sheila has supported thousands of clients and students with potent inner work and mindset-shifting practices. She is an inspired workshop and webinar facilitator as well as a dynamic speaker and presenter.

Reparation rates available for the BIPOC community. Contact Sheila below for more details.


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Break the Spell of the Imposter Syndrome

Online Course



You know the frustration of periodically feeling like a fraud as a leader. Like many of us, the causes of your Imposter Syndrome often lie with a wounded Inner Critic who is rooted in your adaptive childhood survival strategies.

In this Do-It-Yourself course, you’ll first explore a simple journaling practice to track how your Inner Critic holds you hostage so that you can grow beyond their toxic, fearful small-making patterns. Then you'll explore an easy mindset shift practice to tap into wisdom underneath your ordinary mind.