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Meet Strategic Transformation Coach Sheila Bélanger

I am a dynamic and catalyzing coach and guide to your transformation journey at the inner edge territories. I have over 36 years effectively translating consciousness-shifting inner work practices into life-changing ways. I guide you to reinvent yourself at your edges of change and live into your full potential.


My varied background with consciousness-shifting modalities includes a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, extensive training with Archetypal Astrology, Process-Oriented Psychology, Soulcraft™ Initiation Guiding, Meditation, Guided Imagery and Earth-Based healing techniques. 

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Online Courses

Do-it-yourself courses support you at edges of change to shift limiting mindsets, access inner resources and cultivate your true nature.

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Step into a transformational 1:1 or group coaching journey with Sheila to discover and maximize your greatest personal and professional potential.

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VIBES Community


Next Enrollment: late Spring 2021

Join a community of kindred souls to be guided by Sheila and mutually support one another in your transformational work.

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Transform Toxic Fear and Align with Your Inner Wisdom


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